• To secure a reservation, you will need to remit a $250.00 deposit per stay, per cabin.  Please note that this deposit amount is for both weekly and daily rentals.
  • The check is to be payable to Cedar Cove Cabins and is to be sent to:
    • Donner's Bay Resort
      2974 Hiawatha Road
      Butternut, WI 54514
      Their phone number is (715) 476-2555.
  • Deposit can be made by credit card (with a 3% surcharge).
  • Prior to your departure, you must go to Donner's Bay Resort to remit your payment for your current stay.  Your check will still be made payable to Cedar Cove Cabins, or by credit card.
  • If you plan to rebook, you must do it upon your departure.  Nobody is automatically put in the reservation book for the next year, and you run the risk of losing your reservation if you don't re-book at this time.
  • Our pet policy is $100.00 per dog, per stay, with a limit of 2 dogs (no other pets).  You must notify Donner's Bay Resort when you make your reservation and the pet fee is payable upfront at Donner's Bay Resort upon your arrival.  Dogs are to be on a leash at all times.  Dogs are not allowed on the furniture and you must clean up after your dog.  We reserve the right to decline future reservations if these rules are not followed.
  • If during your stay anything is broken, damaged, or missing, please let us know immediately so repairs or replacement can be done in time for the next guests.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    If you cancel your reservation, we will refund your deposit ONLY if we are able to fill that reservation.